SmartFoxServer is a comprehensive SDK for rapidly developing multiplayer games and applications with Adobe Flash/Flex/Air, Unity, HTML5, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Android, Java, Windows 8, C++ and more.
SmartFoxServer comes with a rich set of features, an impressive documentation set, tens of examples with their source, powerful administration tools and a very active support forum.

Born in 2004, and evolving continuously since then, today SmartFoxServer is the leading middleware to create large scale multiplayer games, MMOs and virtual communities.
Thanks to its simplicity of use, versatility and performance, it currently powers hundreds of projects all over the world, from small chats and turn-based games to massive virtual worlds and realtime games.

November 24th, 2014Celebrating 10 years!

Ten years ago, in late November 2004, we launched our first commercial version of SmartFoxServer, the Basic edition, which was soon followed by the PRO version in early 2005.

To celebrate the 10 years of activity, and in conjunction with the holiday season, we're happy to announce an amazing 20% discount campaign on all licenses and license upgrades available in our online store.

The promotion will last until the end of 2014 and it will cover all our server products, including:

  • » SmartFoxServer Basic
  • » SmartFoxServer PRO (including BlueBox add-on)
  • » SmartFoxServer 2X (including Analytics add-on)


Visit our online shop to see all the discounted prices, and make sure to take advantage of this unique offer!

July 8th, 2014SmartFoxServer 2X 2.9.0
A new SFS2X update is available with new powerful features and fixes discussed in the support forums recently:


  • » Improved scalability and thread management via Auto-scaling Thread Pools. No more need to fine tune threads by hand
  • » BlueBox v3.0: revamped and improved edition running on the latest Jetty 9
  • » Integrated file uploads
  • » Added support for websockets over SSL (WSS)
  • » AdminTool: Extension Manager module, allows to manage, upload and deploy Extensions directly from the Admin GUI
  • » AdminTool: administrators can now be given access to a selection of modules and server halt/restart permissions

  • ... lots more ...

You can read the full release notes and download the installer from here.
Also check the latest HTML5 client API supporting the WSS protocol and the porting of the SpaceWar game to Unity (available in the Unity examples package).
December 22nd, 2013More MMO API goodies!
We have added new articles and tutorials for our latest MMO API, released in SFS2X 2.8.0:

  • » SpaceWar game tutorial provides a detailed walkthrough to building a realtime action game integrating physics, authoritative server, lag hiding techniques and Area Of Interest to provide a seamless gaming experience for hundreds of players.

  • » MMO Demo Unity tutorial introduces the MMO API for Unity developers showing the basic concepts and features included in SmartFoxServer 2.8.0

  • » Advanced uses of the MMORoom and MMO API provides various advanced tips and tricks for developing with the MMO API on the server side.
November 15th, 2013SmartFoxServer 2X 2.8.0
A new SFS2X update is available with new powerful features and fixes discussed in the support forums recently:
  • » New MMO API: provides tools for building vast, large-scale explorable worlds with thousands of players interacting in the same "Room", non player entities and much much more;
  • » New Room Persistence API: provides convenient tools for storing game state, personal Rooms, etc, to local files or an external database;
  • » New updated client API for Flash, Unity, Java/Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 supporting MMORooms, MMOItems and MMOItemVariables;
  • » New Flash and Unity examples to demonstrate the latest API.

For an introduction on the new MMO API see this documentation page.

Please follow these links to get the updates:
If you are an iOS developer make sure to check the latest Objective-C API release, which is now 100% ARC and provides several fixes as requested in the support board.
September 20th, 2013Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 API
We are happy to announce the official support to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 starting from version 1.4 of the C# API we published today. The new API allows to build native applications and games for the two operating system (including Metro-style under Windows 8) and can also be used in Unity to publish 3D games targeted at those platforms. Get the new API on this page and the examples package here.

And speaking of updates, we also release a couple of minor versions of the HTML5 API and Objective-C API, available on the same page linked above. And inside the SFS2X doc site a vastly improved Java client API javadoc is now available.
June 26th, 2013SmartFoxServer and Jelastic for Mobile Game Development
Jelastic is a PaaS offering specifically designed to automatically scale Java applications and allocate server resources required by applications on demand, so it is the perfect match for SmartFoxServer.
People at Jelastic just published an interesting blog post showing how to rapidly setup a virtual environment and deploy SmartFoxServer 2X for testing and production. The whole operation takes no longer than 5 minutes. Read it here!
June 3rd, 2013SmartFoxServer 2X 2.7.0 and Analytics!
A new major update is available for SmartFoxServer 2X which introduces a new tool for comprehensive traffic analysis including visitors, demographics based on geolocation, client technology statistics and lots more. Additionally the release adds new server components to simplify the Login and Sign Up process, including detailed tutorials with source code.
NOTE: the new release comes as a full installer, if you're updating a previous version make sure to follow the migration guide.
Learn more here:
» Release Notes
» SFS2X Analytics
» Sign Up Assistant Component
» Login Assistant Component
Download SmartFoxServer 2X 2.7.0
April 5th, 2013C++ game developers wanted
In order to expand the number of platforms and frameworks supported by SmartFoxServer 2X, we are looking for C++ developers willing to test our newest API in different scenarios and share their games to be published on our website as examples/demos.

What we are looking for:
» simple games leveraging our C++ API, developed using popular frameworks like Cocos2D-x, Marmalade, Corona, Torque3D, Kobold2D and what more
» fully documented code
» detailed instructions to setup the development environment and compile the game
» a tutorial highlighting meaningful sections of the code (similar to those already available, like this one

What we offer in exchange:
» a SmartFoxServer 2X 500 Users license or an equivalent discount on a larger license
» full credit on the tutorial page
» the possibility for developers of proven experience to be listed in our partner's page

In order to apply please contact us by email providing the following:
» a description of the game
» the description of the target platform and the development environment
» 2-3 screenshots showing the game design and interface
» your contact details
» links to games/applications you developed before (if any)
March 29th, 2013Recent updates
In the past few weeks we released a new server patch, new API versions and some new material. Here you go:

» SmartFoxServer 2X v2.6.0 patch
» Flash AS3 API v1.1.6
» Unity/.Net/Mono C# API v1.2.0
» Android/Java2 SE Java API v1.2.0
» iOS/OSX Objective-C API v1.1.5
» New C++ API (beta)

Please read the full release notes and download the update from our download section.

We also made available a new ServerTemplate for the RightScale platform (which now also installs the latest SFS2X patch) and a new white paper discussing the best practices to secure SmartFoxServer 2X.
December 18th, 2012New SFS2X cumulative patch (2.5.0) available!
A new update is available for SmartFoxServer 2X. It provides several fixes related to the latest issues discussed in the forums and includes new improvements. The cumulative patch can be applied to version 2.0.1 and higher. Please read the full release notes and download the update from our download section.
November 16th, 2012New SmartFoxServer 2X Update (2.4.0) available!
A new update is available for SmartFoxServer 2X. It provides several fixes related to the latest issues discussed in the forums and includes new improvements. The cumulative patch can be applied to version 2.0.1 and higher. Please read the full release notes and download the update from our download section.
On the client side we have also released:

» New HTML5/Websocket API release (final release)
» New Actionscript 3 API
» New Windows RT/Windows 8 phone API (beta)
September 17th, 2012SmartFoxServer 2X Update (2.3.0) is available!
A new update is available for SmartFoxServer 2X. The new cumulative patch works with any SFS2X from version 2.0.1 and above, providing support for native HTML5 clients via WebSockets. The patch includes the new JavaScript client API and full fledged example of usage with source code.
We also introduced a new server side feature called SystemController Filters, that allows custom logic to be added on top of the System requests.
» Read the release notes and download the update
» Learn more about the HTML5/JavaScript support
» Learn more about SystemController Filters
Last but not least, we published a new Unity example + tutorial created by Andy Martin, showing the Buddy List features of SmartFoxServer 2X.
July 25th, 2012New SmartFoxServer 2X Update (2.2.0) available!
A new update is available for SmartFoxServer 2X. It introduces a few important fixes related to the latest bugs discussed in the forums. The patch can be applied to both version 2.0.1 and 2.1.0. You can read the full release notes and download the update from our download section.
May 4th, 2012Updates galore!
Today we released a whole bunch of server, client and documentation updates. First of all we have the new SmartFoxServer 2X version 2.1.0 which fixes a few bugs reported on the support forum and brings some internal improvements. We then have the new versions of the C# API for Unity/.Net/Mono and the Java API for Android/Java2 SE. You can download everything from this page.
On the documentation side we have three brand new Objective-C tutorials (here) discussing the iOS examples we published some time ago, and a revised version of the First Person Shooter walk-through for Unity (here). Enjoy!
April 13th, 2012New Unity tutorials
Two new tutorials and one example, complete with its source code, are available in the SmartFoxServer 2X online documentation. The Tris tutorial describes the homonymic game available in the Unity examples package since the first release. The Object Movement example (and tutorial) show how to make an avatar move in a multiplayer virtual environment with a few lines of code.
You can find them all here. Enjoy the reading!
April 6th, 2012Server architecture white paper
We just published a new white paper which takes an in-depth look at the best practices for deploying a multi-instance game server and the main strategies to simplify management and reduce costs. You can find it here!
March 19th, 2012More examples and a white paper
We just released a great new example project built using Flash Builder and targeting the iOS and Android devices: the Cannon Combat game is a simplified multiplayer version of the popular Angry Birds game featuring the Box2D physics engine. It is available for download as part of the Flash examples package on the SFS2X download page.
On the same page we also released the updated iOS examples package, containing the first two revised examples now compatible with the latest iOS API.
Last but not least, we published the first white paper discussing the SmartFoxServer 2X performance and scalability. It also shows the results of a series of tests that were performed in order to analyse the performance, stability and realiability of the SmartFoxServer 2X engine compared to other solutions adopted by our competitors. Read it here!
February 15th, 2012SmartFoxServer 2X official release
Good news everyone! The official release version of SmartFoxServer 2X, namely 2.0, is now available for download!
We strongly recommend to update all your SFS2X instances to this version. You can get the full installer on the 2X download page, where the release notes are also available.
September 1st, 2011Android examples
Don't miss the new tutorials for Android which will guide you through building multiplayer apps for Google's mobile platform.
You can find all the material in the 2X documentation under the Examples for Android section.
May 13th, 2011RedBox 2X released!
The RedBox 2X, our free add-on for SmartFoxServer 2X that adds audio and video streaming capabilities to the server, is now available for download on the 2X download page. A dedicated forum is also available for bug reporting or informations requests.
March 10th, 2011SmartFoxServer channel on YouTube
We just launched the official SmartFoxServer channel on YouTube! You will find:
» the official video tutorials we have already released (more are coming in the next weeks);
» other SmartFoxServer tutorials recorded by third-party developers which deserve your attention;
» a showcase of the best games and applications based on the SmartFoxServer platform.
Feel free to send the links to other tutorials or videos which show your multiplayer game/application in action. Now go to the SmartFoxServer channel!
September 2nd, 2010MMOs with SmartFoxServer: new book available
Packt Publishing has recently released a new book entitled Flash Multiplayer Virtual Worlds that analyzes the many aspects of MMO development, using SmartFoxServer Pro. The book touches a lot of topics: from basic architecture to techniques for building the world and avatars, server side coding, designing quests and lots more.
The publication is available both in printed and electronic form and you can read more details on the publisher's website.