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JavaScript is back!

With the release of SFS2X 2.13 last week we’re happy to reintroduce JavaScript as a server side language. For those familiar with the history of SmartFoxServer, JavaScript has been available since the early days of SFS PRO for writing server side code, and it’s now coming back thanks to the latest improvements in JDK 7 and 8.

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HTTP Request and Extensions integration

In this new recipe we’re going to take a look at how we can integrate regular HTTP calls with the SmartFoxServer runtime and specifically how to communicate with Extension code via HTTP GET/POST requests.

Common applications of the HTTP/Extension interoperability are debugging interfaces and administration UIs. With this approach developers can easily build a simple web interface that reports that game state, monitors data structures, users etc… allowing to quickly debug problems while testing, triggering events and so on.

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Using the trace(…) command from anywhere in your Extension code

The trace(…) method is a useful little tool to log any information in the log files for debugging your Extension code.

It is available in the main Extension class and in every Request or Event handler. However, often times, developers need to log messages from other places in their code such as data classes, or any other object that doesn’t extend the Request/Event base classes.

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