about "fill base layer"

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about "fill base layer"

Postby christina » 29 Mar 2012, 04:53

I try to use the “Fill base layer” button, but now I have another question:
I user the "supertile editor" to create a tile. It is composed by a sofa and a desk, and also I fill some tiles with 'nonwalkable' skin to avoid the avatar to run on it. After this, I put this supertile on the map. Because the map is big, so I use the method showed on the website to fill the walkable tiles (Fill base layer with smart fill), but I find that all empty tiles have been changed to the walkable tile including the nonwalkable tile which have been set in the supertile editor. Is the nonwalkable tile belong to the empty tile? I don't think so.
How to explain this? and what's the right step to do this?

Thanks for this.
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Re: about "fill base layer"

Postby Bax » 29 Mar 2012, 08:43

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