strange network peaks

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strange network peaks

Postby Tatanan » 19 May 2017, 18:59


Suddenly we register strange network peaks the makes user not receive messages or they receive the messages after many many seconds, and the extension queue grows to strange values. It seems that during some time the server can not send any message.
Any idea? How can I monitor if an extension handler is slow?
I Attach some graphs from the Admin Tool.
screenshot network.png
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screenshot queue.png
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screenshot cpu.png
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Re: strange network peaks

Postby Lapo » 20 May 2017, 09:37

one instance is not enough to understand if this is a real issue or a temporary "hiccup".
The spike might have been anything, from a garbage collection cycle to something external to the JVM, such as another process suddenly reducing the available CPU and slowing everything down.

Does this happen at regular times? Or is it dependent on server load?

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