Failed loading config file iPhone

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Failed loading config file iPhone

Postby vanducitc » 17 Mar 2012, 06:14

I'm having problem with load file config from bundle in the application. This is my source code:
File config name: sfs—config.xml
The content's config file:
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   <!-- Mandatory Settings -->
   <!-- End Mandatory Settings -->

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   NSString *pathConfig = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"sfs-config" ofType:@"xml"];
    smartFox2XClient = [[SmartFox2XClient alloc] initSmartFoxWithDebugMode:YES delegate:self];
    [smartFox2XClient loadConfig:pathConfig connectOnSuccess:NO];

callback from Smartfox:
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-(void) onConfigLoadSuccess:(SFSEvent *)evt
    NSLog(@"evt: %@", evt);
    NSLog(@"Config file loaded, now connecting...");

-(void) onConfigLoadFailure:(SFSEvent *)evt
     NSLog(@"Failed loading config file: %@", [evt.params objectForKey:@"message"]);

and my result: "Failed loading config file: (null)"

i don't know What was wrong ? and what should i do ? Please help me, thanks you.
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Re: Failed loading config file iPhone

Postby A51Integrated » 19 Mar 2012, 20:34

Is your config file part of your project? Make sure you've added the file tothe project. You can always check if the file exists (if your app can see it) with fileExistsAtPath.
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