Cognitve Survey Game built with Smartfox

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Cognitve Survey Game built with Smartfox

Postby Prof_PP » 03 Jul 2009, 04:54

Hi everyone,

Last year many of you completed a working memory test for my PhD research, the results of which showed that gamers have an increased working memory over non-gamers - expert gamers scoring the highest, Role-player gamers the top.

For the final experiment in my study, I have wrap the test in a game-like environment to observe any difference. It is all built in Flex and uses SmartFoxPRO to collect and store data. The game is call "phonological zombies" and only takes a few minutes to play. I am sure you will enjoy it (turn your speakers up loud!!)

The game/test is online at

Or you can be part of the control group, accessible from the same page.

Thanks in advance
Paul 8)
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