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OpenSpace 2.0.2 released

Postby Bax » 05 Aug 2010, 15:22

We just released version 2.0.2 of OpenSpace.

Release notes

New features
- OpenSpaceExtension.sendAvatarToMap overloaded method added: it is now possible to pass the id of the room to be left when making the avatar enter a map (and consequently the related SmartFoxServer room). It can be useful in case the user is coming from a room not linked to an OpenSpace map (for example a game room).

Fixed bugs
- In a specific use case scenario an out-of-memory error could happen due to cached maps not being released by the OpenSpace Extension; now maps are removed from the cache if the corresponding SmartFoxServer Room is destroyed.
- When a library file (.lib) was updated and reloaded by the OpenSpace Extension, the maps cache was cleared causing errors (for example during a pathfinding request) in clients which previously loaded a cached map.
- An avatar could get stuck on a tile during its movement on the map in case it stepped on a tile instance with associated avatar movement triggers: if the trigger caused a map animation (pan/zoom), avatar movement was not resumed on animation completion.
- Under certain conditions an ArgumentError could be thrown on map transition effect completion.
- Updated zone configuration of the provided examples: an "auto-joinable" limbo room is necessary to make the application flow more correct (and prevent errors in case a SmartFoxServer room was created by a custom OpenSpace Extension before any room is joined by the client).
- In a specific use case scenario a null object caused an error in the OpenSpace components when receiving an avatar position update event.
- Avatar instances were not garbage-collected due to an issue in a third-party collection.
- "Online docs" button in the splash screen of the OpenSpace Editor not working.

- Updated avatar examples: the ghost avatar classes have been improved implementing the destroy method, which now removes the listener to the timer event which is responsible of updating the chat balloon (and which prevented the instances of this class to be garbage-collected).
- Updated Flash example: the Reload button is no longer disabled when the map is grayed-out due to another user having updated it.


You can download the new version from this page.
For existing customers, you can use the download link you received when purchasing OpenSpace 2.
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Postby svizzari » 16 Aug 2010, 01:39

Hi guys,

Related to the 2.0.2 release and the overloaded / updated sendAvatarToMap method -- when I attempt to call that method from an onMapUpdated handler to reinstate NPC's in a room that was just edited the server goes into an infinite loop.

All I am doing is accessing all users in the relevant room (passed in to the onMapUpdated handler) via the getAllUsers method. Looping through the LinkedList returned I am finding NPC's by a custom user variable (_os_npc == true). Then, using the sendAvatarToMap method at that point seems to initiate the loop.

It's difficult to capture server trace output because of the speed at which the loop is running but it looks like the relevant map is being loaded continuously.
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flash component

Postby celsyum » 26 Aug 2010, 09:22

i cant install flash component. It looks like missing something in openspace trial version.

p.m. I fixed this problem somehow :)
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Re: flash component

Postby Bax » 26 Aug 2010, 09:35

celsyum wrote:i cant install flash component. It looks like missing something in openspace trial version.

Can you better describe the problem? Did you follow the provided instructions? Which Flash version are you using?
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