SmartFoxServer Pro to 2X license conversion

If you want to upgrade your multiplayer game based on the older SmartFoxServer Pro to the more advanced and feature-rich SmartFoxServer 2X, you are entitled to a 30% discount on the 2X retail price in case you terminate your existing Pro license. And if you need to convert three or more licenses, you get an additional 10% volume discount.


  • You can convert a Pro license only if it was purchased at least 6 months ago.
  • You can convert a Pro license to any 2X license (for example you can convert a SFS Pro 500 Users license to a SFS 2X Unlimited Users license).
  • The discount can't be combined: you can't convert two or more Pro licenses to one 2X license to multiply the discount.
  • You are requested to sign a Software Destruction Letter and destroy all copies of the Pro license file within a week upon receiving the 2X license
  • The conversion of SmartFoxServer Basic licenses to 2X is not possible

How to proceed

  • Download the Letter of Software Destruction by clicking on this link
  • Execute it and send it by email (click on Support » Contact us in the main menu) together with your current license file1; also indicate the payment method you want to use (credit card / PayPal / wire transfer)
  • After receiving instructions from us, send the payment
  • Wait for our email containing the SFS 2X license setup instructions
  • Activate the SFS 2X license and destroy all copies of the SFS Pro license file



1. In case you own multiple SmartFoxServer Pro licenses but you don't want to convert all of them, please also provide the internal IP address/es to which the license/s to be converted is/are bound.