If you want to deploy SmartFoxServer 2X in the cloud, you may consider using the Jelastic platform.

We created a special package which takes care of installing and configuring SFS2X automatically: in a few clicks you can have a SmartFoxServer instance up and running in the Jelastic environment at no cost and without having to deal with the installation and configuration tasks described in the SFS2X documentation.

Combining the Jelastic service with the SmartFoxServer 2X Elastic License you get the most flexible and cheap solution for your multiplayer games!


Click on the banner below and enter your email address to get started.

Submitting your email address creates a demo Jelastic account. Depending on the selected hosting provider, you typically get a 14 days free account featuring 16 cloudlets and 3 environments max.


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SmartFoxServer in the cloud with Jelastic
An in-depth article exploring the advantages of combining SmartFox with the Jelastic service; examples of monthly fees for different types of multiplayer games are also provided.

Faster, Simpler, Smarter: Meet the SmartFoxServer Integration at Jelastic PaaS
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