10.1 RedBox overview


The RedBox project is a free add-on for SmartFoxServer PRO that adds audio and video streaming capabilities, making it possible to integrate these features in any existing SmartFoxServer application.

Implementing an A/V chat has never been this simple with SmartFoxServer:

The RedBox add-on comes for free including source code, allowing developers to further expand its functionalities!

The features implemented out-of-the-box by the RedBox are:

» The components

The RedBox comes with both server-side and a client-side elements. Once you have installed SmartFoxServer PRO you will find the following components:

» Trying the examples

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Start SmartFoxServer PRO
  2. Start Red5:
  3. Go to the Examples/RedBox/ folder and run any of the examples available. The SWF files are located inside each example's folder inside the bin/ directory.

Problems running the examples?
Make sure the Flash Player security sandbox is not silently blocking access to your local files or network.
Go the Flash Player Global Security Settings page and make sure that the SWF file is listed in the allowed list.

Tip: if you don't want to allow each file individually you can add the entire folder that contains all the examples.

» Creating your own RedBox applications

Adding live audio/video streams to your existing applications or creating a brand new one is very simple. All you have to do is importing the RedBox client class(es) based on what your application will do. The Rebdox API have been split into various classes:

On the server side you will simply add the RedBox extension to your Zone. This will activate the RedBox services for your application.
You should add this line in your XML Zone declaration:

	<extension name="__$RedBox$__" className="com.smartfoxserver.redbox.RedBoxExtension" type="java" />

The name assigned to the extension __$RedBox$__ is mandatory and should not be changed.