Release notes

SmartFoxServer 2X

VERSION 2.12.5 (patch)

[FIX] Latency issue when force-disconnecting users trying to login with the same account.


VERSION 2.12.4 (patch)

[FIX] Problem with parsing and output of IPv6 addresses in the logs.


VERSION 2.12.3 (patch)

[FIX] MMOItems not updated correctly when leaving an MMORoom and re-joining immediately after.
[FIX] MMOItems not updated correctly when moved out of the user's AOI.


VERSION 2.12.2 (patch)

[FIX] Issue when creating a new Zone using the AdminTool.


VERSION 2.12.1 (patch)

[FIX] Third party JSON library causing issues with numeric types for WebGL clients.


VERSION 2.12.0 (full installer)

::::: Server Side :::::
[NEW] JoinRoomInvite request, allows players to invite other clients in a game Room to play, available also from client side.
[NEW] Private User Variables, allow to create User Variables that are local to the player, and not broadcast to other clients. They can be mixed with standard User Variables.
[NEW] SFSObject type TEXT allows to transmit vare large strings > 32 KBytes and up 2 GBytes. See SFSObject.putText/getText() methods.
[NEW] Updated Jetty to version 9.3 for web services (BlueBox, uploads, encryption initialization).
[NEW] Support for IP ranges for black/white lists in IP Filter.
[NEW] Zone maxFailedLogin config property, allows a limited number of wrong login attempts per session before kicking the user out.
[NEW] Updated MaxMind’s IP geolocation database and API to latest version.
[NEW] Zone geoLocationEnabled config property, allows to geolocate users and expose it via User.getCountry() method.
[NEW] Embedded Java 8 Runtime.
[NEW] Options for SignUpAssistant Password Recovery, allows to specify which field to match as the ID for password recovery (e.g. default = user name, can be changed to match email, nickname or any other available field).
[NEW] Signed installer for macOS.
[FIX] CreateMMORoom from Javascript / Unity WebGL client causes server side error.
[FIX] BlueBox / Jetty exception (AsyncContext#dispath s=ASYNCWAIT i=false a=DISPATCH).
[FIX] Jetty upload limits.
[FIX] Manual disconnection after having logged out causes server side NPE.
[FIX] Incorrect handling of custom permissions codes on the client side.

::::: AdminTool :::::
[NEW] AdminTool now supports TLS connection.
[NEW] Upgraded interface and Flash Player compatibility. Will allow for future expansions that are in development. Among other things will allow the AdminTool to be delivered as a native application, when the Flash Player will be phased out from certain browsers.
[NEW] Setting in the "Remote admin" tab of the Server Configurator module makes it possible to encrypt the Admin Tool's connection to the server.
[NEW] A custom name can be assigned to the server in the "General" tab of the Server Configurator module, for easier identification in case of environments running multiple SmartFoxServer instances.
[NEW] Updated Log Analysis application for the Analytics module, now compatible with IPv6 addresses and new IP geolocation API.

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