Release notes

SmartFoxServer 2X

VERSION 2.16.3 (patch)

::::: Server Side :::::
[NEW] By default Bitswarm events BitSwarmEvents.PACKET_DROPPED are no longer triggered, as they are rarely utilized and can use up performance in high traffic servers with lots of outgoing packet loss. Developers can manually enable the event via config/core.xml by adding the following: <triggerDroppedPacketEvents>true</triggerDroppedPacketEvents>

::::: Admin Tool :::::
[NEW] added new Words Filter File Manager under Zone Configurator > Words Filter. It allows to create, edit and remove word files for the Zone's Words Filter. Word files are now identified by a .words.txt extension. This will not affect your active words file, but new files created with the AdminTool will use this convention from now on.
[FIX] Issue with uploads over HTTPS that eluded the previous patch (which also dealt with the issue).

VERSION 2.16.2 (patch)

::::: Server Side :::::
[FIX] Corner case in which an Extension causes, during the init phase, an exception of type java.lang.Error, derailing the rest of the boot process.

::::: Admin Tool :::::
[FIX] Under certain circumstances, all log lines in Log Viewer's Runtime Log tab are grouped in a single row in the table.
[FIX] In Extension Manager, Servlet Manager and Server Configurator (SSL Certificate deployment), file uploading fails if AdminTool connection to server is encrypted.

VERSION 2.16.1 (patch)

::::: Admin Tool :::::
[NEW] In Zone Monitor module, added button to disconnect a user abruptly, alongside the Kick and Ban actions.
[FIX] In Extension Manager, folder action buttons are not displayed when connected to a SFS instance running under Windows.
[FIX] In Servlet Manager, folder action buttons are not displayed when connected to a SFS instance running under Windows.

VERSION 2.16.0 (patch)

::::: Server Side :::::
[FIX] Websocket session's buffer size now matches the maximum request size configured in SFS2X.

::::: Admin Tool :::::
[NEW] Final version of the new HTML5 AdminTool which officially replaces the legacy, Flash-based tool.
[NEW] Added the Analytics module.
[NEW] Added experimental support for custom AdminTool modules.
[NEW] Updated module icons.
[FIX] Wrong global Room count under the Dashboard module.
[FIX] In Zone Configurator module, adding a Room to an empty Zone throws a JavaScript error preventing the Room to show in the tree list.

VERSION 2.15.0 (patch)

::::: Server Side :::::
[NEW] Revamped server engine's UDP pipeline to improve scalability for very high packet rates.
[NEW] Refactored UDP socket pipeline to improve raw packet throughput.
[NEW] Introduced a new DatagramChannel cache to reduce thread contention.
[NEW] Separate UDP and TCP queues with dedicated thread-pools for higher packet-per-second throughput.
[NEW] New configuration parameters added to config/core.xml to fine tune the UDP pipeline for very high traffic (e.g. >1M+ pps).

::::: Admin Tool :::::
[NEW] The new HTML5 AdminTool is out of beta phase. It is now the recommended AdminTool instead of the legacy, Flash-based tool.
[NEW] Thread-dump button in Dashboard allows to obtain a full thread-dump of the server.
[NEW] Dual TCP/UDP queue graph under Dashboard > Message Queue Status.
[NEW] Re-organized dropped-packets stats, now split into TCP and UDP counters.
[FIX] Disconnection issue in FireFox browsers when downloading a zipped log file via the Log Viewer module.

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