Release notes

SmartFoxServer 2X

VERSION 2.18.1 (patch)

::::: Server Side :::::
[FIX] In the SignUpComponent's Password Recovery feature the new password would not be updated in the database.
[FIX] Incorrect logging settings for the Analytics component.
[FIX] A config setting in the Tomcat manager servlet that would not render the manager accessible from external addresses.

VERSION 2.18.0 (full installer)

::::: Server Side :::::
[NEW] Native support for Apple's M1 chips.
[NEW] Java Runtime 11 is the default JRE now.
[NEW] Tomcat updated to version 9.0.55.
[NEW] Java Mail updated to version 1.6.2.
[NEW] GeoLite database updated to latest version.
[NEW] RoomStorage API now support a 'CUSTOM' type where you can pass your own implementation of the IRoomStorage interface.
[NEW] Added two extra methods to SFSBannedUserManager, getBannedUserByIp() and getBannedUserByName(), to find banned users.
[NEW] Send ROOM_CREATION_ERROR to client when exceeding the number of Rooms that can be created at once.
[NEW] Added new setting UseSSL in SFSMailer configuration.
[FIX] Missing default value (50sec) for userMaxLimboSeconds to CreateMMORoomSettings.
[FIX] Missing client side error when QuickJoin is invoked in a Zone with no Rooms.

::::: Admin Tool :::::
[NEW] Added maxThreads and maxConnections parameters to Server Configurator module, Web server tab, for both HTTP and HTTPS Tomcat connectors.
[NEW] In Zone Monitor, added a "reason" field when banning a user.
[NEW] In all modules based on the UI Builder system, text inputs now have an increased width (varies with screen width).
[FIX] In Zone Configurator and Zone Monitor modules, when accessing the Zone or Room Extension settings, if the Extension's JAR file contains a very large number of classes, a client JavaScript error is thrown and the "Main class" dropdown remains empty.
[FIX] Under certain circumstances, all log lines in Log Viewer's Runtime Log tab are grouped in a single row in the table.

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