Release notes

SmartFoxServer Basic
Version 1.5.5

- New and free client side GUI components for speeding up application development (SmartFoxBits).
- New Actionscript 3.0 API, final release (1.4).
- New and improved AS 3.0 documentation.
- 3 new Actionscript 3.0 examples based Flex 2 SDK (available as Flex Builder 2 projects): SmartMessenger, SmartFoxTris, SFSTemplate.
- Updated Actionscript 2.0 API (1.4).
- New sample Java extensions with sources (
- Fixed bug with user queues management with larger settings (100 and above).
- Minor bug fixes in client side API (switchSpectator, user variables).
- Fixed a minor bug in the SmartMessenger example. New sources available in the Examples/AS2/ folder.
- New logout() method in client side API (AS2 / AS3).
- New onLogout event in client side API (AS2 / AS3).
- New Mailer parameter "port", allow to specify the SMTP port.
- New ability to use multiple server configuration files (see chapther 2.4 in the docs).
- New parameter for the Bad-Words-Filter, allows to specify which characters are stripped.
- Improved Mailer authentication with smtp servers.
- Updated documentation.

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