Release notes

SmartFoxServer Pro
iOS Objective-C API

The documentation can be installed by double clicking the com.infosfer.smartfoxserver.iphoneclient.docset file.
The API classes are located under the project folder in the Classes/ directory.

:: Version 1.0.0 RC4 (June 2010)
* Bugfix: If zero byte which delimits messages falls to the very first byte of _receiveBuffer in "stream:handleEvent:" method of INFSmartFoxiPhoneClient.m. In this case condition "start < i" (line 640) will be always false and message will be lost.
* Bugfix: TicTacToe example game is giving an error when run on device.
* API Update: roomList bug that could cause deleted room to remain in the main list. (This synchronizes the current version to the latest Flash API)

:: Version 1.0.0 RC3 (March 2010)
* Arrays sent from the server are exposed as NSDictionary instead of NSArray.
* Warnings when compiling the API are fixed.

:: Version 1.0.0 RC2 (November 2009)
* More bug fixes as reported in our support board:

:: Version 1.0.0 RC1 (July 2009)
* Added JSON support for server side extension requests
* Added full support for BlueBox Http-Tunnel technology
* A few memory leak was fixed.
* There was an error in INFSmartFoxiPhoneClient.m::leaveRoom which was causing a crash.
* There was an error in INFSmartFoxiPhoneClient.m::sendXtMessage which was causing a crash.
* There was a problem im INFSmartFoxObjectSerializer.m::xml2obj which was causing a crash.

:: Version 1.0.0 beta2 (May 2009)

* New TicTacToe Game Example based on Actionscript SmartFoxTris tutorial, shows how to build a turn-based game, managing game creation etc...
* The Cancel button in the Create Room screen was causing the game to crash.
* While in the game, if one the players leaves the game, the remaining player was also brought back to the Lobby screen.
* Game was connecting to a hard coded zone. It now connects to the zone defined in the external config.xml file.
* When the game was finished, if one player choose the EXIT, the other one was also brought back to the Lobby screen.
* The game was crashing after creating a new game and pressing CANCEL in the "waiting player dialog"
* There was a bug in the handleCreateRoomError function while retrieving the error message.
* There was a bug in the handlePrivateMessage function sometimes causing parameters after the sender parameter not to be sent to the event handler.
* In INFSmartFoxUser.m both setPlayerId and getPlayerId was using _id instead of _playerId).
* There was data type error in the INFSmartFoxiPhoneClient.m handleEvent function causing an exception when the number of bytes read was returned -1.
* There was a wrong [_sendBuffers release] call causing an EXC_BAD_ACCESS exception in the INFSmartFoxiPhoneClient dealloc function.

:: Version 1.0.0 beta1
This release provides all the SmartFoxServer API features with the only exception of the BlueBox support.