How to stop ddos on login Request

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How to stop ddos on login Request

Postby Persy » 08 Oct 2021, 12:10

If a hacker makes ddos on Login Request by sending thousands requests on login

How can I prevent that?

I can block its ip from firewall in vps but it's only a temporary solution as he easly change the ip that send requests
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Re: How to stop ddos on login Request

Postby Lapo » 11 Oct 2021, 08:15

the use of a firewall is usually a good place to start. There isn't a catch-all solution for this kind of issues, it depends on the nature of the problem (how large is the attack, how many IP addresses can the attacker use... etc...)

Monitoring the server and black listing the offending IP addresses can be a good strategy. Also you can check where these attacks come from and if they all originate from one main source (i.e a specific hosting provider) you can try to contact them and explain what is happening, so they can shut down the attack.

Otherwise you can look into services such as Cloudflare, which is a solution used for protecting websites from DDoS but they should also have solutions from TCP-based servers, such as game servers.
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