Custom timeout time

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Custom timeout time

Postby Aceex7 » 26 Jul 2020, 12:24


Is it possible to change the timeout time that the user waits for a response of a connection to the server?
as of now when I try to establish a connection to the server it takes 20 seconds until it fails (assuming the server is down), then it tries to connect via bluebox for 20 seconds and then fails again.
All I want to do is control the time (in seconds) it takes until it fails, for example: instead of waiting 20 seconds I want to wait 5 seconds until i receive a message that the connection failed. I Use SmartFoxServer 1.6 with Unity

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Re: Custom timeout time

Postby Lapo » 27 Jul 2020, 07:44

sorry it's not possible. The time out depends on the underlying OS TCP stack, which can be different based on which operating system and version you're using.

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