problem with setTimeout

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problem with setTimeout

Postby Tomas3956 » 06 Sep 2020, 14:18

I'm programming a JavaScript app

in the app there is a button when the user clicks on it, a door supposed to be opened for 7 seconds then close again
(the default is close state)

that's my code :

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if (cmd == "clickOnButton") {
  var rVars = []
    name: "door",
    val: 1
  }) // 1 for opening , 0 for closing

  _server.setRoomVariables(r, user, rVars)

  function closethedoor() {

    var rVars = []
      name: "door",
      val: 0
    _server.setRoomVariables(r, user, rVars)
  setTimeout(closethedoor, 7000);

the door open successfully but it doesn't close after 7 seconds , that's the problem I found:

Can't find method java.util.Timer.schedule(adapter1,org.mozilla.javascript.Undefined).

also clearTimeOut doesn't work .
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Re: problem with setTimeout

Postby Lapo » 07 Sep 2020, 08:00

in SFS PRO on the server side there is no setTimeout command. Maybe this is some custom function?

Instead you should use setInterval, as shown in the docs here: ... terval.htm

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