Dynamic Skins

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Dynamic Skins

Postby croftie » 16 Aug 2014, 19:13

I need some guidance on dynamic skins. I have tried declaring the AS linkage class as dynamic and I have tried setters and getters as in your support docs but try as I might I cannot get the class to react on instantiation. Initially all I tried was a trace in the constructor which should have output to console but that did not show.

Right now the movieclip is not appearing on the map even after recompiling the skins swf without the AS Class.

Is there some example code somewhere with a dynamic skin.

Update: I managed to get the associated class working but declaring the class as dynamic just throws a 1065 error. The getter and setter method works. My bad earlier as I had left it as dynamic as well as the getters and setters.

Next problem is how to set the child index of the instance. The class is invoking a new MC but it is covered by another instance of the skin on a nearby tile.
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Re: Dynamic Skins

Postby Bax » 18 Aug 2014, 08:42

The skins overlapping depends on the tiles to which they belong, which follow this diagram: http://openspace-engine.com/images/supp ... e_grid.jpg
This is not something you can change. You must adapt to it instead.
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