Creating Large Background

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Creating Large Background

Postby Nigey » 20 May 2015, 11:56

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to create a large background for my map. Originally I'd just imported it as one image from Flash to make sure it looks okay in the game. I'd set it as 1 column 1 row in the Background Editor and just set it as x=3000, y=3000 in size.. Even though it would go over that size, it would still work okay as the overlap would show up anyway.

Now for efficiency I want to cut this background into a number of pieces and place them together in the Background Editor, to give the server a rest. However as the total image is larger than 3000/3000, I'm unable to place them correctly. Can anyone think of a work around for this? Asides making the background image smaller, if at all possible.

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Re: Creating Large Background

Postby Bax » 20 May 2015, 14:13

Can you please describe the issue you encounter when splitting the image into pieces? Maybe you can show a picture.
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