Latest Version of Horse Academy

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Latest Version of Horse Academy

Postby andrew2110 » 04 Sep 2020, 15:05

Our game Horse Academy has been using SmartFoxServer for over 10 years now, and we have recently moved to our newest incarnation of the game
with a complete rewrite of our server:

One of our players has made a little walk through of their features here if anyone is interested: ... kUuktPRfAQ

Our newest rewrite of the server basically mirrors the client side of the game now whereas previous versions were basically just an interface for the database, making the server much faster to work with and more powerful.

Things SmartFox is responsible for in our game:

- Logging in, managing users accounts
- Chat, Trading, Buying / Selling horses
- Realtime multiplayer races (up to 100 races can run simultaneously with 8 players in each race with no troubles)
- Managing a full calender of competitions and processing events
- Being a support system for PhotonPUN plugin enabling that to handle 50 users per room instead of a recommended 8.

Again, thank you for SmartFox, I've never even considered moving away and looking into using another server to do the job that SmartFox does for me.

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