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New SFS2X license prices!

In conjunction with the new affordable Elastic Licenses (see related post), we’re also launching discounted prices for all standard SmartFoxServer 2X licenses, allowing you to save up to 33%!

We have also merged the two previous versions of the Analytics addon (Basic and Pro) into one single product called Analytics for SmartFoxServer 2X, which offers all the features of the former at a reduced price. Additionally, when purchased in bundle with SmartFoxServer 2X, there is an extra 100 € discount!

Visit our online shop to check the updated prices for all the licenses.

SmartFoxServer 2X 2.7.0 and Analytics!

A new major update is available for SmartFoxServer 2X which introduces a new tool for comprehensive traffic analysis including visitors, demographics based on geolocation, client technology statistics and lots more. Additionally the release adds new server components to simplify the Login and Sign Up process, including detailed tutorials with source code.

NOTE: the new release comes as a full installer, if you’re updating a previous version make sure to follow the migration guide.

Learn more here:

Download SmartFoxServer 2X 2.7.0