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HTML5 / JavaScript tutorials

We just published the first batch of HTML5 / JavaScript tutorials describing the following examples in details:

  • Connector
    Learn how to configure the client and make your first connection
  • Simple Chat
    Learn how to create a basic chat environment for connected users
  • Advanced Chat
    Learn how to create a complete browser-based chat application featuring public chat messaging, Rooms management, private chat messaging and more
  • Game Lobby
    Learn how to create a “lobby” application where users can meet and invite each other to play games

All tutorials are available in our documentation website.

HTTP Request and Extensions integration

In this new recipe we’re going to take a look at how we can integrate regular HTTP calls with the SmartFoxServer runtime and specifically how to communicate with Extension code via HTTP GET/POST requests.

Common applications of the HTTP/Extension interoperability are debugging interfaces and administration UIs. With this approach developers can easily build a simple web interface that reports that game state, monitors data structures, users etc… allowing to quickly debug problems while testing, triggering events and so on.

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More MMO API goodies!

20131222_spacewar_icoWe have added new articles and tutorials for our latest MMO API, released in SFS2X 2.8.0:

  • SpaceWar game tutorial provides a detailed walkthrough to building a realtime action game integrating physics, authoritative server, lag hiding techniques and Area Of Interest to provide a seamless gaming experience for hundreds of players.
  • MMO Demo Unity tutorial introduces the MMO API for Unity developers showing the basic concepts and features included in SmartFoxServer 2.8.0.
  • Advanced uses of the MMORoom and MMO API provides various advanced tips and tricks for developing with the MMO API on the server side.

SmartFoxServer 2X Update (2.3.0) is available!

20120917_HTML5A new update is available for SmartFoxServer 2X. The new cumulative patch works with any SFS2X from version 2.0.1 and above, providing support for native HTML5 clients via WebSockets. The patch includes the new JavaScript client API and full fledged example of usage with source code.
We also introduced a new server side feature called SystemController Filters, that allows custom logic to be added on top of the System requests.

Last but not least, we published a new Unity example + tutorial created by Andy Martin, showing the Buddy List features of SmartFoxServer 2X.

Updates galore!

Today we released a whole bunch of server, client and documentation updates. First of all we have the new SmartFoxServer 2X version 2.1.0 which fixes a few bugs reported on the support forum and brings some internal improvements. We then have the new versions of the C# API for Unity/.Net/Mono and the Java API for Android/Java2 SE. You can download everything from this page.

On the documentation side we have three brand new Objective-C tutorials (here) discussing the iOS examples we published some time ago, and a revised version of the First Person Shooter walk-through for Unity (here). Enjoy!

New Unity tutorials

20120413_newUnityTutsTwo new tutorials and one example, complete with its source code, are available in the SmartFoxServer 2X online documentation. The Tris tutorial describes the homonymic game available in the Unity examples package since the first release. The Object Movement example (and tutorial) show how to make an avatar move in a multiplayer virtual environment with a few lines of code. You can find them all here. Enjoy the reading!

More examples and a white paper

We just released a great new example project built using Flash Builder and targeting the iOS and Android devices: the Cannon Combat game is a simplified multiplayer version of the popular Angry Birds game featuring the Box2D physics engine. It is available for download as part of the Flash examples package on the SFS2X download page.

On the same page we also released the updated iOS examples package, containing the first two revised examples now compatible with the latest iOS API.

Last but not least, we published the first white paper discussing the SmartFoxServer 2X performance and scalability. It also shows the results of a series of tests that were performed in order to analyse the performance, stability and realiability of the SmartFoxServer 2X engine compared to other solutions adopted by our competitors. Read it here!

SmartFoxServer channel on YouTube

20110310_youtubeWe just launched the official SmartFoxServer channel on YouTube! You will find:

  • the official video tutorials we have already released (more are coming in the next weeks);
  • other SmartFoxServer tutorials recorded by third-party developers which deserve your attention;
  • a showcase of the best games and applications based on the SmartFoxServer platform.

Feel free to send the links to other tutorials or videos which show your multiplayer game/application in action. Now go to the SmartFoxServer channel!