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An App, a Marathon and an Astronaut: a SFS case story

Over the last few years, the RunSocial mobile app has been under development featuring SmartFoxServer 2X and other innovative technologies. Recently, the app was approved by the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the European Space Agency (ESA) for use on the International Space Station (ISS).

On April 24th 2016, Tim Peake of the European Space Agency completed the London Marathon, running the 42.2 km on a treadmill connected to RunSocial while circling the Earth about two and half times at an altitude of 400 km high, being visible to all other virtual concurrent runners.

SmartFoxServer proved to be a mature and robust solution for this task, thanks to its high performance and scalable messaging system in multi-user, realtime scenarios, a sensible structure for organizing application logic and a wide range of options to store, organize, and distribute users and data.

Read the full story!

Recent updates

In the past few weeks we released a new server patch, new API versions and some new material. Here you go:

  • SmartFoxServer 2X v2.6.0 patch
  • Flash AS3 API v1.1.6
  • Unity/.Net/Mono C# API v1.2.0
  • Android/Java2 SE Java API v1.2.0
  • iOS/OSX Objective-C API v1.1.5
  • New C++ API (beta)

Please read the full release notes and download the update from our download section.

We also made available a new ServerTemplate for the RightScale platform (which now also installs the latest SFS2X patch) and a new white paper discussing the best practices to secure SmartFoxServer 2X.

More examples and a white paper

We just released a great new example project built using Flash Builder and targeting the iOS and Android devices: the Cannon Combat game is a simplified multiplayer version of the popular Angry Birds game featuring the Box2D physics engine. It is available for download as part of the Flash examples package on the SFS2X download page.

On the same page we also released the updated iOS examples package, containing the first two revised examples now compatible with the latest iOS API.

Last but not least, we published the first white paper discussing the SmartFoxServer 2X performance and scalability. It also shows the results of a series of tests that were performed in order to analyse the performance, stability and realiability of the SmartFoxServer 2X engine compared to other solutions adopted by our competitors. Read it here!