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More MMO API goodies!

20131222_spacewar_icoWe have added new articles and tutorials for our latest MMO API, released in SFS2X 2.8.0:

  • SpaceWar game tutorial provides a detailed walkthrough to building a realtime action game integrating physics, authoritative server, lag hiding techniques and Area Of Interest to provide a seamless gaming experience for hundreds of players.
  • MMO Demo Unity tutorial introduces the MMO API for Unity developers showing the basic concepts and features included in SmartFoxServer 2.8.0.
  • Advanced uses of the MMORoom and MMO API provides various advanced tips and tricks for developing with the MMO API on the server side.

SmartFoxServer 2X 2.8.0

20131114_release_2_8A new SFS2X update is available with new powerful features and fixes discussed in the support forums recently:

  • New MMO API: provides tools for building vast, large-scale explorable worlds with thousands of players interacting in the same “Room”, non player entities and much much more;
  • New Room Persistence API: provides convenient tools for storing game state, personal Rooms, etc, to local files or an external database;
  • New updated client API for Flash, Unity, Java/Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 supporting MMORooms, MMOItems and MMOItemVariables;
  • New Flash and Unity examples to demonstrate the latest API.

For an introduction on the new MMO API see this documentation page.

Please follow these links to get the updates:

If you are an iOS developer make sure to check the latest Objective-C API release, which is now 100% ARC and provides several fixes as requested in the support board.

MMOs with SmartFoxServer: new book available

20100902_bookPackt Publishing has recently released a new book entitled Flash Multiplayer Virtual Worlds that analyzes the many aspects of MMO development, using SmartFoxServer Pro. The book touches a lot of topics: from basic architecture to techniques for building the world and avatars, server side coding, designing quests and lots more.
The publication is available both in printed and electronic form and you can read more details on the publisher’s website.