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C++ game developers wanted

In order to expand the number of platforms and frameworks supported by SmartFoxServer 2X, we are looking for C++ developers willing to test our newest API in different scenarios and share their games to be published on our website as examples/demos.

What we are looking for:

  • simple games leveraging our C++ API, developed using popular frameworks like Cocos2D-x, Marmalade, Corona, Torque3D, Kobold2D and what more
  • fully documented code
  • detailed instructions to setup the development environment and compile the game
  • a tutorial highlighting meaningful sections of the code (similar to those already available, like this one

What we offer in exchange:

  • a SmartFoxServer 2X 500 Users license or an equivalent discount on a larger license
  • full credit on the tutorial page
  • the possibility for developers of proven experience to be listed in our partner’s page

In order to apply please contact us by email providing the following:

  • a description of the game
  • the description of the target platform and the development environment
  • 2-3 screenshots showing the game design and interface
  • your contact details
  • links to games/applications you developed before (if any)

Recent updates

In the past few weeks we released a new server patch, new API versions and some new material. Here you go:

  • SmartFoxServer 2X v2.6.0 patch
  • Flash AS3 API v1.1.6
  • Unity/.Net/Mono C# API v1.2.0
  • Android/Java2 SE Java API v1.2.0
  • iOS/OSX Objective-C API v1.1.5
  • New C++ API (beta)

Please read the full release notes and download the update from our download section.

We also made available a new ServerTemplate for the RightScale platform (which now also installs the latest SFS2X patch) and a new white paper discussing the best practices to secure SmartFoxServer 2X.