Introducing Overcast

In early November 2020 we have launched a new cloud service called Overcast which joins the family of SmartFoxServer products.

In this short series of articles we will be taking a look at how Overcast works, how to get started and and how it can help new or existing projects based on SmartFoxServer.

» What is Overcast?

Overcast is our new, dedicated cloud-based hosting service for SmartFoxServer 2X that provides a complete stack to build and run rich multiplayer experiences at any scale.

With Overcast developers can deploy any number of SFS2X instances in the cloud, world-wide, with a simple web-based interface. Each instance runs in its dedicated server with unlimited CCU and provides 100% of the SmartFoxServer 2X features.

» Features

  • Automated Installation: From the Overcast admin you can launch new servers and get going within minutes. The OS, support software and all the necessary setup is done automatically behind the scenes. Servers can be monitored in real time from your dashboard and with the respective dedicated admin tools.
  • All SFS2X features in the cloud: You get 100% of the SmartFoxServer 2X features which means a fully authoritative game server, local and remote storage, advanced match making, invitation systems, persistent buddy lists, security and performance tools and tons more.
  • No CCU or DAU limits: Every SmartFoxServer 2X instance runs with no CCU or DAU limits. We offer a wide range of server tiers with different quotas of CPU, RAM and network bandwidth. Based on your game type and requirements we will guide you to choose the most appropriate hardware type.
  • Private network: All the servers launched in the same region share the same private sub-network. This means that multiple SFS2X instances can communicate with each other and with the database(s) at ultra-low latency (e.g. <1ms.)
  • Secure Environment: All servers are launched with a predefined set of security measures like firewall, administration access control, etc. You can also fine tune extra security settings in both SFS2X and MySQL via their respective admin tools.
  • Dedicated Database Instances: With Overcast you can launch any number of database servers and easily integrate them with SmartFoxServer 2X. You can also manage, customize and monitor your server via PHPMyAdmin through a secure connection.
  • Live Monitoring: From the main Overcast interface you can monitor the state of every server in terms of CPU, RAM, network traffic and CCU count. Additionally you can access each server via their dedicated admin tool to dig deeper.
  • Snapshots: Snapshots are a useful tool to store the entire hard drive of a server in the cloud and re-use it as a backup or as a template to spawn new instances.
  • World Wide Availability: In Overcast, servers can be launched in your geographical region of choice to minimize the client-server communication latency to grant the best gaming experience to your users. Is the region you need missing? Contact us to request its activation.
  • Based on Amazon’s AWS Infrastructure: Overcast runs on top of the Amazon’s AWS infrastructure, one of the largest and most reliable cloud systems in the world. Thanks to its flexibility, we can provide multiple tiers with varying resource quotas (CPU, storage, bandwidth) to best fit your need while keeping the costs under control. And if our predefined tiers are not enough, we can offer customized services built around your requirements.

» Why Overcast?

Overcast aims to provide multiple advantages for multiplayer projects based on SmartFoxServer:

  • Single integrated environment where you can spawn and control any number of SmartFoxServer 2X in multiple world regions.
  • Ability to integrate dedicated MySQL servers for your storage needs.
  • Reduced management and system administration costs. We provide optimized servers to host your SmartFoxServer games. You concentrate on developing your game.
  • Combines the proven stability and performance of SmartFoxServer with the reliability of Amazon’s AWS infrastructure.
  • Custom server tiers to satisfy more complex or demanding production setups.
  • A single monthly fee that covers all your needs: hardware, software, bandwidth and storage.
  • A very competitive price.

» Pricing

The price of a server running in the Overcast cloud depends on three main variables:

  • The Region in which it was deployed
  • The server’s Tier
  • The chosen Billing Plan

We have created a page where you can quickly configure and calculate the server’s price.

» 30% off until the end of 2020

In order to celebrate the launch of Overcast we’re offering a 30% discount on all server plans until the end of 2020. The discount will be automatically applied to all new Overcast accounts created until the end of the year.

Learn more

If you want to learn more and try the service yourself head to our SmartFoxServer website, where you can learn all the details, consult the F.A.Q, pricing details and more.

If you have further questions get in touch with us directly using the support email found on our website.