SmartFoxServer 2X 2.13 released!

A new SmartFoxServer 2X version is available that focuses mainly on JavaScript for both client and server side.

We’re gladly re-introducing JavaScript as full-fledged server-side language for Extensions, thanks to the improved performance of the Nashorn engine, provided in JDK 8.

We’re also launching an improved support for HTML5 websocket via Jetty web-server and a redesigned client API that fully supports the default SFS2X binary protocol.

The consolidation of client and server side JavaScript is part of an effort to make websockets and HTML-based applications first class citizens in the SmartFoxServer platform together with all the other client technologies. In this effort we’re also dropping the legacy Netty websocket engine, integrating all web services via Jetty 9.x.

Make sure to download all our new updates here:

Also make sure to check out the new documentation sections: