SmartFoxServer 2X and macOS Catalina

With the recent release of macOS Catalina (10.15) Apple has removed the support for legacy 32-bit applications which in turn has made several software inaccessible on the new OS.

If you’re planning on using SmartFoxServer 2X under macOS Catalina there are a couple of things that you need to know to ensure smooth sailing.

1) Native launcher

The native launcher provided in SmartFoxServer 2X is still a 32-bit application and as such it will fail to run under Catalina. You can now download an updated 64-bit version of the launcher and replace it in your SFS2X installation.

NOTE: because the launcher is downloaded from the internet macOS’ GateKeeper will not allow it to run for security reasons. After you close the error dialogue box, open System Preferences > Security & Privacy then click the Open Anyway button.
(For further details check this article)

2) AdminTool

SmartFoxServer’s AdminTool requires a Flash Player plugin to be active in your browser. All recent Flash plugins are already 64-bit so you shouldn’t have any problems under Catalina.

A standalone AdminTool is also available for download from our website. If you’re already using this version of the tool be aware that this will no longer function under macOS 10.15, as it is a 32-bit application.

For the time being we suggest to revert to the browser based tool, which is shipped out of the box with any SmartFoxServer installation. Meanwhile we are hard at work to release a new HTML5 AdminTool which will replace the existing version.

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss this further you can join us in our support forum.