The new AdminTool (beta) is available

With the progressive retirement of the Flash platform we started researching how to port our SmartFoxServer 2X Admin Tool to the HTML5 environment. This has led to a significant investment of time as many of the frameworks and tools available for Flash development did not have an equivalent in the browser world. Another major time sink was rethinking a significant portion of our workflow and finding good replacements for visual components that would render correctly on devices of all sizes.

With the launch of SmartFoxServer 2X 2.14 we’re happy to announce the beta phase of the new HTML 5 AdminTool, which will replace the existing Flash-based one during 2020.

» What is available

In the current beta the new AdminTool provides the following modules:

  • Dashboard
  • Server Configurator
  • Zone Configurator
  • Zone Monitor
  • BlueBox Monitor
  • Extension Manager
  • Servlet Manager
  • License Manager

All these modules are in complete state meaning that they’re perfectly usable and they map 100% of the features we have in the Flash-based tool.

» What is missing

The following modules are still under development and will be shipped in the final version of the tool:

  • Log Viewer
  • Ban Manager
  • Analytics

» Getting Started

Since the new AdminTool uses Websocket (rather than TCP socket) to connect to the server you will need to change the admin port value to 8080, under Server Configurator > Remote AdminAlso make sure that the Websocket service is active from Server Configurator > Web Server, then restart SmartFoxServer (if necessary also update your firewall rules)..

In alternative you can also set the admin port value to -1, in which case the port check for admin connections will be skipped and you will be able to connect with both the Flash and HTML5 admin tools.

Once this is done you can point your browser to: http://your-server-address:8080/admin-new and you will be welcomed by the login screen.

» Bug reports and feedback

If you encounter any issues or bugs while using the new beta AdminTool make sure to let us know via our support forums. Send us the details of your client platform and a description of the issue alongside any the error messages (client and/or server) you’re getting.