The return of JavaScript

logo-jsAs disclosed in our latest newsletter, JavaScript is coming back to SmartFoxServer!

With release 2.13 we’ll launch a new JavaScript client API taking full advantage of the SmartFoxServer 2X┬ábinary (and compressed) protocol, providing improved network efficiency.

This is part of an effort to make websockets and HTML-based applications first class citizens in the SmartFoxServer platform together with all the other client technologies. In this effort we’re also dropping the legacy Netty websocket engine, integrating all web services via Jetty 9.x.

JavaScript is also coming back on the server-side, helping you to quickly write Extension code and providing access to all of the SFS2X server SDK.

Thanks to the latest Nashorn engine provided in Java 8 you will be able to write efficient Javascript code and easily integrate it with other server-side code and libraries.

To complete the package we’ll be releasing an updated set of examples which will guide you in learning Javascript multiplayer game development.

So… stay tuned!